Punggol Digital District Groundbreaking 2020 Jan

Punggol Digital District Groundbreaking exhibition would run from 17-26 Jan 2020. The opening will be on the 17 Jan 2020, with SM Teo Chee Hean and SMS Janil Puthucheary as our GOHs, among others.  It would be held at Waterway Point (Indoor event space).

Based on the “digital’ nature of this event, we are proud to be invited by JTC to organize series of workshop on robotic coding for the residents nearby.

17th Jan 2020 (Beginner Level)


An Astrobot is a vehicle suited for working in the space. The Astrobot is very durable to drive over rough terrain and can be driven by remote control. In this workshop , you will learn to program and control your Astrobot and use it to complete challenges. To know more about the Astrobot, please visit: http://bit.ly/ubtastrobot

Target Audiance: 8 y/o and above

18th Jan 2020 (Intermediate)


Have you ever wondered how an automatic fan works? Join the workshop to explore the world of AI robotics and automation using UBTECH Education uKit Advance kit. You will have the opportunities to build, code, and control the automatic fan! Through the workshop, participants would be able to grasp the basic theories and knowledge of science and engineering results in better computational and design thinking!

Target Audiance: 10 y/o and above

19th Jan 2020 (Advanced)

This workshop would let you interact with the Arduino hardware using AI technology. Join the workshop to make and code the smart door where the door will open when it recognized your face! (Participants in this particular workshop must bring their own laptops)

Target Audiance: 12 y/o and above

Workshop Details


Waterway Point


17/1, 18/1, 19/1

Target Audiance:

8 – 15 y/o students

Let’s build something together.

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