UBTECH Robotics Brochure

Learn more about the robotics industry and UBTECH background.

UBTECH Education Solution Brochure

Check out the robots we offer in education industry.

uKit Series


Focusing on developing abilities in operation, innovation and coordination.


Focusing on developing abilities in comprehension, expression and logical thinking. Helping students build interest in choosing a career/


Focusing on the application of comprehensive knowledge and to further improve students' abilities ni problem solving, socializing and teamwork. Giving students the desire for employment and entrepreneurship through competitions and social activities.

Humanoid Series


Infinite Raspberry Pi Robot - Infinite Maker Possibilities

Alpha Mini

Embedded with UBT ROSA system, Alpha Mini is fulfilled with humanlike actions and vivid expression. UBT ROSA system is a modularized system with a hierarchical architecture, which integrates all the function of the robot. The components in the system are loose coupling, so the functions can be extensible and reusable.

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